Reading update

Jul 30 – Me’s working on getting contracts in the IT company in the compound where we already have one order now, only fishing right now.Murthy’s got one more confirmed order – a revenue of around 50k every month – great news for today!

Reading update

29 Jul –Meghna asked if we’d cater for her party, talked to Murthy and answered in the affirmative. Her party is on the 23rd of next month, north indian cuisine and she’d like chole bhature also as a part of the meal. We anyway were planning to start officially after the 21st, so this should

Closer to the goal

Jul 17 – Well, the alleged business plan looks more like a sales pitch, but in his email he didn’t say it was a b-plan. I think the best quality I can bring to the team would be sophistication, among others. Also, since it will be a simple partnership, there aren’t too many legal hurdles

Slight changes in the plan

Hmm don’t have the patience to list everything with dates. But here’s what has happened recently –I finally did get around to calling Murthy, one of the persons who replied to my Ryze post. And then got to know that he’d started this same/similar business in 2005 but diversified because there weren’t too many takers.


Jul 5 –Am not going for the trek. Jul 4 –Debated whether to call the M.R person or not, even after deciding to give him a try. Kartheek (the person from the firm) himself called me to find out, and we decided to meet at the Coffee Day in J Hills after office. Met him

Different things

Today (hurray!): Updates from Asik – no small M.R firm in sight. Hemanth is trying to get some too, poor fellow (and poor me) got busy as soon as he went back to school. Mailed one guy i found on Ryze Hyderabad asking if he was interested, have to check what he says.Looked at a