Jul 4th –
Surya sent a link for M.R agencies in Hyd, although according to him there are no real M.R agencies in Hyd – only offices of the bigger agencies. However, the link he sent was more useful in that it was the website of yellow pages. Now, i’ve got pointers to some other firms (the plastic manufacturing units i need for packaging) too. Hemanth said he could get a list of agencies but those would be in Delhi and he wasn’t sure if those agencies would do work in Hyd. Well, anything is better than nothing.

Jul 5th –
Went to Begum bazar to look for the plastic packaging material i’d seen in one eating joint called Asal in Madhapur. Well, i knew it was a market but i never expected it to be so huge. I decided to have a look around and not really go in search for the plastic to-go boxes. I am hoping to talk directly to a manufacturer instead of going to the wholesale market. Have to see how i can manage that.

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