Builder – of Products, Communities and Businesses

Ajay Reddy

About Me

I’m a builder – of products, communities and businesses.

Nothing gives me more joy than dreaming up an idea, bringing it into the world and growing it.

I love adventure travel, run long distance for fun and read (or listen) to a lot of sci-fi.

My Work

2019 - 2021
Mobile + Web virtual races platform for clubs, employers, charities that makes it easy for anyone to organize a virtual race for cycling, running, walking, steps. Used by over 50 organizers – clubs, office teams, charities.
2014 - 2021

Destination marathon series with heritage as the theme. 30000+ participants in 50 runs organized at 17 destinations in India, 1 in Cambodia. “India’s most scenic marathons” – as stated by Nat Geo Traveler, CN Traveler, Outlook Traveler.

2012 - 2019

Global citizen initiative to interest, inspire, engage and involve young people in heritage. Millions impacted via a World heritage travel challenge, student internships, events in 100+ cities, 2800+ articles and more.



Founder member of one of India’s largest running clubs and Hyderabad Marathon. Built, managed digital strategy, execution.


A month long travel challenge on extreme budget ($4 a day) – first hitchhiking trip in the north-east of India that was blogged live from the road.



Built India’s first comprehensive online guide for adventure travel. Learned web tech and coded the app using Google map APIs.