Hmm don’t have the patience to list everything with dates. But here’s what has happened recently –
I finally did get around to calling Murthy, one of the persons who replied to my Ryze post. And then got to know that he’d started this same/similar business in 2005 but diversified because there weren’t too many takers. I sensed an opportunity in that I could ask for pointers or help from him. Scheduled to meet him sometime soon, finally saw him at his office in Saifabad on Saturday. Another surprise, he’d got an idea very similar to mine. And, he’d done so much groundwork already – got the surveys done, got dieticians and nutritionists along and designed the product range, got certifications and accreditations, got the publicity arranged and also done a pilot. Looking at his work, I realized how far behind I was in terms of preparation. Moreover, having his own organic supplies was a definite advantage. So here I was, all impressed. I also got the feeling that he would probably be interested in working together with me, so I went ahead and asked him. Thankfully, he was and he offered me a partnership. So he gave me some brochures of the company and asked me to look at the website. Which I did, over this weekend. Well, the website could’ve been better, but that goes with most things in this world and outside. Anyway, I was pretty impressed and sure of wanting to work with him at the first meeting itself. But, I gave a definite go-ahead only this Monday. So, the next thing to do is meet him again and discuss how to go about the partnership, Which i’m gonna do tomorrow. This probably will make associating with Sreedhar and Shashank a little tricky, but we’ll see how it turns up. Yeah I did not update here that Shashank rang me up to ask what exactly i wanted to do and also to express his interest. So, further update tomorrow.

On the personal front, i have successfully avoided crashing my Ubuntu laptop inspite of a version upgrade to Hardy! Wow, now that’s an achievement considering that my previous install crashed after i mucked around with bootchart (i was only trying to install it!). Well anyway, i have stayed away from that kind of trouble and also virtualized XP (yipee!) on KVM. Tried to get the sound working and get better graphics yesterday, but haven’t got them up yet.

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