Reading Aspirations for 2023

For the longest time, i’ve mostly focused on reading sci-fi. This year, i want to try and change – i want to read older books still relevant for today, regardless of the genre. I asked for suggestions on twitter, linkedin and here are the books i was recommended. It’s a long list, and hopefully a

Brexit to an outsider

Sure, EU will be a weaker world power without GB. Maybe, GB will probably end up opening its borders without having a say in EU policy. Maybe there will be a lot of financial turmoil too in the next couple of years. And it is too bad that the people who will have to live

Check that to-do item out

So i’ve been hobbling the past few days. Which is an indirect reference that I finished my first full marathon at Auroville on 12th feb. The official certificates are out and my time says 4hrs 38minutes. And, i’m not happy about it at all (with my performance that day). Over the last 4 months, the


I think I failed in achieving all three big personal goals I put for myself last year –Mastering Spanish – I started off well with my friend Marissa helping me out with grammar, etc. I try to keep up these using the audio books i’d downloaded and by keeping my default FB and CS websites

Reading update

Finished – Snow Crash (Neal Stephenson) – it is MIND BLOWING!Current – Gamification by design� � � � � � � �Run less, run faster (Bill Pierce, Scott Murr, Ray Moss)