Post Diwali

Got confirmation of my first order today (initially on a trial basis). It’s at the pharma company I had earlier written about. If they are happy with us, we will get a contract for one year. The price they want the food at is very low, but maybe we can negotiate this with them. We


Met with reps from a pharma company today, they seemed interested. I hope we can get this deal. At least I’ll be making some subsistence money. I have had a one year fixed deposit with ICICI with 8.5% interest since April this year. Any guesses how much it has accrued till now? 0.4%. That’s right,

Long hiatus

It was a long break from blogging for a couple of reasons – I went home (Dharwad) for a week and before that, my internet setup was all but destroyed. latter was a good financial blow – had to buy a new laptop adapter and some other equipment, all because of a voltage problem.I bought

A brave decision

Now, for something completely different.The links below are about a story which is not so usual – in fact, even unusual in India. A person going ahead and getting a sex change operation done. And, I knew this person too. A senior from college (don’t know personally) – Gunraj Dhaliwal, very good singer, reputed to