Sramana’s webinars

Sramana (an entrepreneur and strategy consultant) provides real-time feedback and mentoring via teleconferencing. The next edition is on March 25th. e44Startups can enrol and sign up for presenting their ideas/business. The time allocated to each startup is 3 minutes and the entire session takes about an hour. Not only is the feedback worth listening to,

Tech Trails

I finished testing my website on IE 7 today. Thankfully not too many issues. One tricky issue I had to solve was passing an XML string as a parameter to the onclick Javascript function of a hyperlink I was creating using dynamic HTML. Was working fine in FF3, but IE you know….Urrgh. Anyway, I am


Here’s the description of a very interesting grass root innovation – article.It’s a solution for farmers who can switch on/off or check the status of the pump at their fields, remotely. I had heard about a little earlier also, but am heartened to see that they are now commercial and have a decent enough user

Sites to bookmark

Startup resources – – 06/03/09)Almost all legalities related to setting up a company can be completed online from this site. One of the most useful feature is checking if a company name is available for registration. Create a user i.d as ‘registered user’ and after logging in select ‘check for company name’ from the list.