5 Reasons for the success of Flipkart

I enrolled to the Stanford University – Technology Entrepreneurship course and finished my first assignment today. The assignment was to pick a local startup and mention 5 reasons for its success. I picked Flipkart and here are the reasons I think it succeeded – your thoughts? Start-up�- Flipkart.com Description of Business�- In simple words, Flipkart.com

Sramana’s webinars

Sramana (an entrepreneur and strategy consultant) provides real-time feedback and mentoring via teleconferencing. The next edition is on March 25th. e44Startups can enrol and sign up for presenting their ideas/business. The time allocated to each startup is 3 minutes and the entire session takes about an hour. Not only is the feedback worth listening to,

Entrepreneurs and Slumdog

This post from earlier somehow got posted to my other blog –An article in today’s Economic Times reports that over 2/3 of the respondents want to start their own business. The sample consisted of 211 students and 1006 salaried professionals and these people were from the big cities – Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Ahmedabad. Interesting,