A weekend wasted, sort of…

Well crashing your laptop (again) and fixing it (again, huh) does qualify as wastage of time. That is what I did, most of this weekend. On the brighter side, I did get encouraging leads for some key ideas had for my plan. One was for the cooks, and the other for the packaging. Kiran got

Old friend

Jun 26 – Met Hemanth at lunch. Talked about my plans. He had a lot of questions and suggestions. Always good to find somebody question you. Makes your mind work on problems which it otherwise would ignore. Am in a pretty bad position right now, don’t even have a preliminary estimate of costs.


19-Jun-08Finally got down to doing some research on which insurance to buy. Asked Asik for advice and he favored term plans if the main purpose was cover. Looked at the LIC website, term insurance was indeed the cheapest option. But the only problem is that the longest plan will cover me for 35 years –

Stop lazing around!

19-Jun-08: Preliminary research on how to setup a company in India. Doesn’t look very cumbersome. One site listed all the steps needed. Made a list of all these and am posting online links in front of each step – from the website it looked like everything was possible online. Will post the links tomorrow. Also,