I was going to write about how I am a person who doesn’t confirm to stereotypes, but then realized that I do confirm to one – that of not confirming to stereotypes! So instead of bragging unabashedly, I will now only ramble. And, you have been warned. Someone once told me that stereotypes do not

The business of MFIs

There’s been a lot of hullaboo about MFIs – Micro Finance Institutions recently. First the big IPO from SKS microfinance and then more recently allegations of strong armed tactics by MFIs in recovering loan amounts. MFIs – So, what are MFIs? Micro Finance Institutions lend money in small amounts to people who wouldn’t otherwise get

Social campfire

Social media has been the ‘in’ thing for some time now. Utilizing it to drive business and improving customer satisfaction has been something even big companies have been trying to figure out. There have been quite a few instances where social media has generated convertible leads (ex – Infosys bagging a deal via a lead


6 things you can do when you lack discipline – Nah, I don’t need them, it’s just for you people. I am too damn good to lack discipline.