Missed updates

I think I did not mention that I made a couple of changes to the website. Well, they weren’t overly obvious – the easiest one to notice was that I increased the size of the main frame. And, I added the Google Analytics tracking code in every page of the website, so that I can

After D-Day

Well, i’m alive – so it definitely wasn’t Normandy.Yeah, I know – bad joke.Anyway, D-Day – today was our first order. Technically not the first order for the company, as it’s been around since 3 years now, first order after I joined. This was the party order for Meghna. Well, the start wasn’t so good

Not many updates.

Nothing special to write about. Haven’t made much progress with my ideas for the website, although have been trying hard (off and on). The thing that really has vexed me is that the appearance is different across browsers. Now, how stupid is that? I mean here’s a standard for coding (HTML) which everybody accepts, and