Meeting new people

It’s always fun to meet new people. I met some seniors from college yesterday who had joined college the year I was born. It was interesting talking about the changes our college has gone through in the past two decades. And also how the seniors’ careers have shaped up over the years. Clearly, the IT


That’s the title I choose when nothing else comes to my mind. I have been out of town last week – elder sister’s wedding in Tirupati and reception at her in laws’ in Machilipatnam. Will leave for Dharwad on Wednesday for the reception we are arranging there. Work has been left behind for these reasons,

Busy bee…

Been quite busy lately.Have been working on a couple of new projects. Plus, have been selling more LIC policies lately. My score till now is 7, with premium nearing Rs. 2,00,000. If i’d sold some of the regular policies worth this much money, i’d be rolling in money.Made some significant progress with my Joomla website