Sites to bookmark

Startup resources – – 06/03/09)Almost all legalities related to setting up a company can be completed online from this site. One of the most useful feature is checking if a company name is available for registration. Create a user i.d as ‘registered user’ and after logging in select ‘check for company name’ from the list.

Interesting finds

QipitA neat little web app – it can beautify and do other wonders to pictures of documents you take from your mobile or digital camera. And, not just documents, but whiteboards, brochures and other stuff too. You just click the picture and if you have email access on your mobile, just email it to an

A new LOB

Well, not really an LOB, but at least a new project. I am to teach computers to the chairman of a construction company and his wife. His secretary called me up last week if I was interested, and I jumped in. Went to meet her and she explained to me the requirements, etc. I agreed

When it rains, it pours

Nov 4Met the admin in the morning. Murthy seems busy with arrangements for his daughter’s birthday party. He didn’t make it to the meeting. I couldn’t negotiate with them to increase the price at all. What’s more, they need so many other things to be done by us. I am not sure if we will