Well, not really an LOB, but at least a new project. I am to teach computers to the chairman of a construction company and his wife. His secretary called me up last week if I was interested, and I jumped in. Went to meet her and she explained to me the requirements, etc. I agreed to come back with a presentation detailing what I’ll be teaching. Met the actual person today and presented my proposal. He was quite impressed and agreed to start off. Gave me a lot of gyan on what he expects, and other things. Well, I usually do my job well, so I’m sure I’ll not disappoint my client. The best part of this project is the client himself is very motivated, which will make my job easier. I’ll be charging by the hour.

My Joomla project has been stuck for quite some time. I really want to finish it before I get busy with the foods business. But, since I’m trying to use GMap APIs and Javascript, I had to use the wrapper module. And because of this, passing information between Joomla and my map PHP file has become extremely complicated. And, even though I can pass information, I am having to use page reloads, which I really want to eliminate. The Joomla forum hasn’t been helpful either, so I’m trying to design a component myself, but it’s not very easy. Any help out there to AJAXify (if there is such a word) the loading of modules?

Abhishek gave me a very interesting perspective on the art of selling – he says he does not go to a client with the intent of selling him something at all. He goes there to try and solve a client’s problems – doesn’t matter if he himself can’t do it, he will try to put the client in touch with somebody who can. I think that is a very positive way to look at it.

Met the admin of another IT company yesterday and presented my company’s case to him. He didn’t say anything outright, but he did say that presently they do not have any requirement for caterers. I tried to impress the advantages of organic food on him, hope he calls back.

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