Nov 4
Met the admin in the morning. Murthy seems busy with arrangements for his daughter’s birthday party. He didn’t make it to the meeting. I couldn’t negotiate with them to increase the price at all. What’s more, they need so many other things to be done by us. I am not sure if we will be making any money out of this deal, or if we will even take this deal up at all.

Nov 3
Came back today from Tirupati after Kiran’s (my sister) engagement yesterday. Was quite busy with the arrangements yesterday and the day before.
I’d got a call from a person in response to my online ad as a home tutor, it was actually for his sister’s kids. Went to their house in the evening, talked to the kids’ dad. I got the job without much negotiation or bargaining. I’ll be teaching two kids – one studying in 7th and the other in 1st standard. Taught the older kid some hindi already. I’ll be able to pay some bills with the money I make here.
Have fixed an appointment with the admin of the pharma company for tomorrow.

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