Not too long a hiatus.

VenturesWell, things are not moving as fast as I would want them to – in the context of my venture. We do have one contract which we can start right away, but that is a very small one for us to even cover our costs. So, we are still waiting for the bigger order to


I’m learning Joomla nowadays. Fiddled with Orkut apps for a couple of days. Plan to continue that. Pinaki’s initial social n/wing idea is almost shelved for now. We’re thinking up new ideas and will see if anything is worth starting work on. Have to find a wholesale supplier of organic produce in Hyderabad. Internet isn’t

Reading update

1. Interesting – my LinkedIn profile is the top result on Google if you search for my name.2. Educative – attended a case study by a LBS Associate Prof – John Mullins on ‘Getting to plan B’ in the context of an entrepreneurial firm.3. I asked for recommendations in LinkedIn from some of my co-workers

A Friend

I used to like this lady’s blog a lot because of the humor she used to infuse in everything. And she’s so creative! She has an ‘Indian’ connection as well. Anyway, looks like she’s full time into design, photography, etc now.Here’s her website – www.ashifa.comBTW, today was my birthday and I ate out both for


Went to my first sales meeting at CSC today. It was a disaster. I made the same mistake I had about 4 years back at an interview – insufficient preparation. I could not even answer questions about our previous clients.However, I had some takeaways from the meeting. I realized that big corporates are not very

Terror so close

I never expect that I would be untouched by the world outside, and the world outside isn’t such a safe place nowadays. A tragic news reached me today – a batchmate from college was grievously injured in the recent bomb blasts in Delhi. His fiancee was killed on the spot while he is battling for

Learn from the Cheshire cat.

Alice came to the fork in the road.“Which road do I take?” she asked.“Where do you want to go?” responded the Cheshire cat.“I don’t know,” Alice answered.“Then,” said the cat, “it doesn’t matter.”– Lewis Carol, Alice in Wonderland Know where you want to go.


Went to the T.I.E Hyderabad office today. I will be applying for the membership too. BTW, T.I.E is The Indus Entrepreneurs – they are a good platform to network and meet with people in good positions. They also keep conducting different events which members can attend and participate in. I first heard of them when

Last day at Infy

Well, i’m done with one phase of my life today. Said goodbye to Infy for the last time today. What do I feel about it? Nothing really, may sound strange (not for people who know me well) but that’s the truth. Told quite a few people about what i’m doing next. I hope that translates