Reading update

Hmm, not very many things happening on either of the ventures.I’m getting ready to send my adieu email at Infy.Researching some social networking websites recently.Finally have brought the Infy Hyd Book Club website to a decent shape. Am now left with a tiny but important part of making it complete in itself – getting the

Lost deal and new developements

Well, we lost the catering contract for this Sunday. We proposed an alternate solution where our cooks would cook the food and the raw material would be procured by the clients themselves – at a fixed lower price. However, I guess our price was still higher. Anyway, we’re moving quite well on Pinaki’s idea. We

Lost deal – or maybe not

4-Sep-08Went through the document – does look like he’s done some good thinking about the idea. Talked to a few friends (potential customers) about what they would want in a service serving this end.Renegotiating the catering deal for this sunday, gave an alternate solution and price quote. 3-Sep-08Pinaki pinged out of the blue and we