Running to stay in the same place!

Ok the title may not really mean anything (or it just may!). I’ve been letting up on posting updates on this blog, not because of lethargy but mostly because I don’t have enough time. Anyway, today i’m steeling myself to put something up because I’m happy I solved, rather implemented one small feature in Tripnaksha.

Reading update

Finished – Star Craft: Shadow of the Xel’naga (Gabriel Mesta) Loved it. Haven’t read any of the Star Trek or Star Wars series, but this one was a true masala sci-fi novel. Galactic battles, mysterious alien artifact, frail humans.

Reading update

Finished – Toxin – (Robin Cook) I would probably have liked this book when I was in college. Now, it just bored me. More melodrama than I could bear. Started – The Golden Cat (Gabriel King)

Meeting new people

It’s always fun to meet new people. I met some seniors from college yesterday who had joined college the year I was born. It was interesting talking about the changes our college has gone through in the past two decades. And also how the seniors’ careers have shaped up over the years. Clearly, the IT