Reading update

Current – The Amber Spyglass (book 3 of the ‘His Dark Matter’ series) – Philip Pullman Finished ‘The Subtle Knife’ and ‘You are here’. Want to read Robert Heinlein next.


Well, both the guys we’d hired recently, ditched us. That’s just too bad for us. I got one appointment for Tuesday at a college here. Let me see if I can get this contract at least.I finished with my stint as a home tutor yesterday. With that ends another of my experiments.I leave for Vizag

New hires and a sketch

We hired two freshers to do sales full-time for our company. One is pursuing an MBA in a local college and the other has done a course in flight crew operations. Hope they can get us some deals now. They’ll be going out into the field today and will try to talk to managers there.My

Jowar Bhakri

I avoid having lunch outside, but yesterday did not have a choice. So, went to the Kamat hotel near Abids. This is the only place (I know of) in Hyderabad where they serve North Karnataka and Maharashtra style food. I’d been there before, but had Andhra style lunch last time. The Kamats are pretty famous

Animation and Insurance

Here’s a short animation movie – made by Satya and his team. Satya is an artist, a good friend of mine and was a colleague at Infy. He left IT and did an animation course at Hyderabad. He did some freelancing work after the course including at Disney India and got into a job only

What the slowdown has meant to me

Well, the pharma company deal will be getting delayed. They want us to do the trial in January some time and if they are ok, start from the next financial year – that is April. Too bad for us. But hopefully we’ll get a bigger, more profitable deal by then.I talked to another I.T company