Here’s a short animation movie – made by Satya and his team. Satya is an artist, a good friend of mine and was a colleague at Infy. He left IT and did an animation course at Hyderabad. He did some freelancing work after the course including at Disney India and got into a job only recently (the offer he got in terms of the team and opportunities were too good to pass, else he enjoyed freelancing).

LIC brought out a new policy yesterday – Jeevan Aastha – it is extremely useful to anybody pays tax. Some of the benefits –
1. both the premium and the returns (the money which you get at the end of the term) are tax free, unlike PF/mutual funds, etc.
2. In addition to this, it is a single premium scheme – meaning you don’t have to worry about paying premiums for the rest of your working life.
3. Double your money (guaranteed) in 5 years, triple in 10 years
4. Loan available at 90% of surrender value after completing the 1st year.

If anybody’s interested, just drop me a line at ajyrds [at] gmail [dot] com. I am an authorized agent and get the policy done for you.
BTW, enjoy the video!

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