Website up!

I recently got my Joomla! website up on the internet, meaning bought a domain name and then hosted it online. Thinking of which domain to buy was an exercise in itself, but I had help from some good friends. Finally, I went with a suggestion from Bala (he owns a Telugu movie review, news site).

Tech Trails

I finished testing my website on IE 7 today. Thankfully not too many issues. One tricky issue I had to solve was passing an XML string as a parameter to the onclick Javascript function of a hyperlink I was creating using dynamic HTML. Was working fine in FF3, but IE you know….Urrgh. Anyway, I am

Busy bee…

Been quite busy lately.Have been working on a couple of new projects. Plus, have been selling more LIC policies lately. My score till now is 7, with premium nearing Rs. 2,00,000. If i’d sold some of the regular policies worth this much money, i’d be rolling in money.Made some significant progress with my Joomla website