(what a lame title)
My Joomla! website is almost done. Got some nifty features added. However, I need a nice template so that it looks attractive too. May outsource it to ByteRidge. And have to think of a name as well.
Work on my new project also is now started in earnest, the development of the site has started. But i’m really disappointed that those buggers don’t know how to document at all. I haven’t got much idea either because i’ve never worked on a web dev project before. But I really need the documentation so that any person I hire for maintenance later will have it a little easy. Am trying to get some templates from friends but no success yet. Is it so hard to find documents? I am yet to decide on the name of the company and the website.
Choosing a name is so hard that I wonder if it’s harder than naming a kid. I think, naming a kid has got fewer considerations – you just have

  • to like the name,
  • see if goes well with the astrology stuff (if you really believe in that) and
  • (maybe) check if a domain name is available :P.

Whereas, if you are naming a company, you have to

  • make sure that the name conveys what business you will be doing
  • appeal to your target market
  • make sure that it hasn’t already been registered
  • have a domain name available
  • like the name
  • etc

Anyway, it’s not an easy job.

Hyd is extremely hot already. And it’s uncomfortable sleeping inside the house in the night too. And outside is not really an option because of the mosquito problem. I’ll be moving in with friends this weekend, also looking for a bigger place to rent. Lots of things going on.

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