I used to like this lady’s blog a lot because of the humor she used to infuse in everything. And she’s so creative! She has an ‘Indian’ connection as well. Anyway, looks like she’s full time into design, photography, etc now.
Here’s her website – www.ashifa.com
BTW, today was my birthday and I ate out both for lunch and dinner today. Lunched with former colleagues from Infy and dinner with Kiran and Srinesh. Got a gift too – a suede sports jacket from my Infy friends. Mangu had given me a nice kurta on my birthday last year. Plenty of friends called and wished too. Good day.

I’m researching how to improve my search result ranking, advertising my company on many online classifieds websites. Wanted to discuss some very important things with Murthy but he left for Ahmedabad today so couldn’t meet him.

Kashyap (the friend who got injured in the Delhi bomb blasts) is still in the ICU. Some other friends are in constant touch with his parents and helping them in whatever way they can. Rakesh and Mangu visited the hospital yesterday. He has some shrapnel from the bomb stuck in his neck, and is going to have another critical surgery to get that removed. Hope the best for him.

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