Finally got down to doing some research on which insurance to buy. Asked Asik for advice and he favored term plans if the main purpose was cover. Looked at the LIC website, term insurance was indeed the cheapest option. But the only problem is that the longest plan will cover me for 35 years – I’m not gonna die at 60 am I? Well at least I don’t want to…Anyway, have to look some more.
On a sidenote, I brought the second hand steel almirah home today. Quite a task it turned out to be. Yesterday, I’d talked to one auto guy and fixed the deal, but he did not turn up at the last moment. Looking for another guy who would do the job took me more than an hour, and what more the clutch wire on my bike broke. Trusting people is injurious to health and when it rains, it pours. Anyway, after all the trouble I do get to keep my stuff in one place.

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