Now, for something completely different.
The links below are about a story which is not so usual – in fact, even unusual in India. A person going ahead and getting a sex change operation done. And, I knew this person too. A senior from college (don’t know personally) – Gunraj Dhaliwal, very good singer, reputed to be good at studies too. I remember he was placed in Infy too. I used to joke, comment about him too when I was in college (not in front of him – a senior is always a senior), I feel bad about it now though.

Anyway, very brave of him to make the decision and change from Gunraj to Gazal Dhaliwal. She looks great too.

I never understood why people would do such a thing as a sex change operation, but I guess I never will. The articles below do help a little bit though.

The magazine story in her own words.
NDTV – Program – Part 1
NDTV – Program – Part 2

No matter how hard, you gotta do what you want to do.

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Here’s Gazal’s blog –

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