29 Jul –
Meghna asked if we’d cater for her party, talked to Murthy and answered in the affirmative. Her party is on the 23rd of next month, north indian cuisine and she’d like chole bhature also as a part of the meal. We anyway were planning to start officially after the 21st, so this should be our first order if it materializes.
Got the email and ftp details as well from Murthy.
Have to start looking for other opportunities in or around Hitec city, work on the kitchen and crew as well, work on the website and make it better looking and more functional. Phew…

28 Jul –
Murthy calls and tells that the son-in-law of a prominect actor (and future politician) also wants to associate. My only reaction is !!!

26 Jul –
Legally, i’m a partner at Bon Vivant Foods now.

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