It’s not that nothing has been happening, in fact lots of things have been happening.
Bon Vivant may get a bigger order at a BPO firm, keeping my fingers crossed about that. We visited a farm on Friday to see if we could lease it and start farming. Doesn’t look very promising, it’ll take a lot of effort and we may or may not get decent returns.
My ward (the kid I tutor) did not do so well in his tests. My other ward (the chairman) has been busy and I haven’t taught him since about 2 weeks. We’ll hopefully start from Wednesday again. I have my IRDA exam on 5th, I have to study some more before I can be absolutely confident of clearing the exam.

The 10k
Mumbai got attacked, lots of people got killed too. Although I’m not a very emotional person, I felt I should do something about it. Enough talk, it was and is the time for action. So, I called up some of my friends and asked them if they’d like to show their protest in some way. The Hyderabad 10k run was scheduled for this Sunday, and i’d already registered for it. So, I thought of using this event to show our concern by displaying banners with a message. Anand and I went shopping for the banners and painting material on Saturday. Sandeep, Varun and I sat up all night and painted the banners with our messages (which Anand and I came up with). Slept for 2 hours and we all got to People’s plaza on Necklace road where the event was to be flagged off. Although we’d initially planned to walk the entire 10km, we were late by more than an hour owing to sleeping late and some confusing news about the event getting canceled. Sumanth arrived first, then Satya, Anand, Sandeep and Varun also joined. Sumanth’s friends at Infy joined a little later too. We unfurled our banners and walked a little distance. But as all the participants had already started off and some had even started finishing their races, we decided we’ll just stick around near the finish line. This turned out to be a good idea as we got our messages read by a lot more people this way than we’d have if we’d actually run the distance. We got clicked by professional photographers, many people took pictures with us and we had a generally good time. For something we’d just thought of 2 days before and prepared for only an evening before, it was a pretty decent show and what i’d call – a success. At the top is one picture of our banners (i’ll upload the rest later and put a link here).

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