I joined a startup as an employee two weeks back. It is a location based service for mobile and we are trying to launch the product next month. Tripnaksha will now be a side project – I will try to keep improving it but ensure that it does not affect my performance at the job. This, I suppose is the next quiescent point?

I got behind on the Spanish because of a lot of travel recently. I’m working with a software from Microsoft as well as a set of audio books. However, my most important teacher is my friend who I meet a couple of times every week. I also got some bilingual (English and Spanish) children’s books from my friend which will be quite useful as well as entertaining. My effort in teaching my friend Hindi haven’t gone great though – if anyone can help me in this, it’d be great.


I have been running barefoot for a couple of months now. After the shin splints last year, I had to completely stop running for a month or two and then bought myself a pair of medium arch support shoes too. But I still used to feel pain after running a few kms. So I thought i’ll try running barefoot (first started walking to get used to it) and have continued it as it has worked for me. I finished the half marathon at Auroville on 13th Feb in 1:56 and another 20k run to APPA a few weeks before.
Traveled quite a bit recently – drove down to Gokarna from Dharwad last month. The bus connectivity wasn’t convenient so I went on my dad’s Honda Activa. Since it was a weekend, the beachside shacks were all full (at least on Om beach) and I spent the night on the beach – by choice, I could have got something on Kudle beach. I lazed on the beach mostly and read my books. Met a fun group of tourists from Egypt and France and hanged out with them.
The Ultimate frisbee scene in Hyderabad is getting better! There’s a group now playing every Sunday morning at Sanjeevaiah park. We plan to get one game on Saturday in Hitec city and one on Sunday at Sanjeevaiah park going soon. Check the facebook page for announcements.

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