I feel elated, and sad at the same time. I’m still on a high from last night – went out to a club with friends. Tamar is leaving today and Julia, Maya, Brenda leave tomorrow (they’ll be back later though). Katie’s already left. So it was a kind of last get together. The past few weeks have been a lot of fun because of our entire gang, including these girls. I’ll surely miss them. And that’s the sad part. I’ve got to meet so many interesting, fun, different people and I have to thank Prashant for introducing me to them.
On the work front, this have gotten really slooow. I am going to work with my current partner on his consulting business too. We’re working with another person on this, and my partner is a little apprehensive on working with him, unless he’s fully in – meaning he’s a partner too. The simple way to do it would be a stake sale, but we’ll see. The mobile vas idea is still not into development, the buggers (developers) who we spent a lot of time explaining the idea don’t seem very serious. My other website is getting done pretty smoothly though. If one of the consulting deal works out, i’ll probably make some good money. Keeping my hopes alive on this.
Although i’ve been having a great time recently, I keep thinking if all this is going to work out or not. Question myself whether i’m doing anything useful at all. Especially because I have hardly anything to show for all the time after I quit my job. I do not want to go back to a job, and am loving the freedom I have, but my savings aren’t going to last forever and I better make some money soon.

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