Original post here, have added details (marked clearly) in some places, added links and clubs (at the end) that I know of. I haven’t cross verified the phone numbers, etc from the original post though.

Ajay’s additions –

Hyderabad Runners
Very regular and active group. Quite a few marathon runners and many half-marathoners. Very nice and motivating group too, looking for advice on running? Drop in! Usually the Saturday runs are well attended, but many members run in small groups almost everyday. Wednesday (Botanical Gardens, Kondapur), Saturday (KBR park) and Sunday (long run – venue keeps changing) are scheduled regular runs.
website – Hyderabad Runners Google group (you will need to sign in)

Updated – 8 Jul 2012
Hyderabad Rooftop Film Club/Festival –
It was started first in Chennai by Gapp, a friend. In Hyderabad, Gautham Gurumurthi and happen to be the initiator. It is a very informal meetup where we get together one night every month and watch eclectic and alternative movies.�
Fb page

Hyderabad Photography Club

Hyderabad Cycling Club
HCC is a more recent club compared to HBC, but is much more active. The focus is firmly on cycling. They have also organized time trials and Randonneur races (200,400,600 km races with cutoff times – yes kilometers!) for the first time in Hyderabad.
Meetup group

Hyderabad Ultimate Frisbee
Ultimate is a very interesting twist to the game of frisbee. Played with a standard set of rules and frisbee, it requires a lot of stamina. The ultimate scene has grown quite a bit in the last two years. I had tried to start it in 2010 when I went to Bangalore and played there for the first time, but it never took off then. Avi and Vikas started the Hyd sports club on meetup and Girish started frisbee training, etc under it. It has a pretty regular set of players now who go to tournaments across the country too.
FB page

Save the Rocks Society
Now what would a society like this be doing in a page about activity clubs? But these folks organize a lot of rock walks in different parts of the city and short hikes, bouldering outside too. My friends Vasu and Ravi are quite active in it.



This group was started in Infy – the one here is a sibling of the groups in Bangalore and Pune. Lots of current and ex-Infocions. Sadly there aren’t too many places near Hyderabad to trek to, but you can understand their passion of this group when they travel to Bangalore and Pune and then go hiking/biking! Very able photographers like Animesh and bikers like Srikanth in the group too. This is where I got the idea for building TripNaksha btw.
Website – Hydventura

Great Hyderabad Adventure Club
Stumbled on to this group when researching for TripNaksha. I haven’t myself been on any of the trips with the group but they go on trips pretty regularly. Not really hard ones as there is a diverse group of people in the club. Members are pretty active in writing about their trips too.
Website – GHAC

Hyderabad Bicycling Club
I have been to only one event and that too to help with organizing it (primarily because I don’t have a bicycle myself 🙂 ), but they are a very passionate and active group too. Wednesday and Sunday rides are regular. Rides happen both in Hyderabad and Secunderabad.
Website – Meetup group

Hyderabad Hash House Harriers (Running club)
Comprises primarily of expats and returning Indians. They run every Sunday afternoon at 4.30PM. It’s more a social event. So, running is just one part of the entire thing. And half the group just walk. First timers don’t need to pay, then Rs. 50/- for every run. It’s not just about running, you have to search for the trail at some points. After the run is over there are some funny rituals and socializing (over beer and soft drinks).
Update – 19/04/2010
Hyderabad Western Music Forum
Don’t know exactly what they do, but @vemana shared this link with me.

Well, this is not exactly an activity club, but a place where you can host activities. I went there for the first time to watch Gaurav Jani’s roadtrip movies – Riding solo to the top of the world and One crazy ride.

Update – 26/03/2011
Camera Club of Hyderabad
Added from a comment below.
The Camera Club of Hyderabad (TheCCH) having around 500 members and are very active among photography enthusiasts. The entry is free but moderated. There are free workshops/classwork classes on photography held every month.. There is also Fieldwork or hands-on exercise on weekends for photographers to refresh their skills.. A great place for learning photography
Flickr group

From the old post –

Tel � 09885054941 (K.S. Srinivas)

Supposed to be the oldest quiz club in the city, K Circle was set up in 1972 by a group of quiz-inclined individuals who resolved to meet once a week to do what they like the most – Quiz. This informal club boasts of having members mainly from software giants like Wipro, Microsoft, Google and TCS, besides students and academicians. Anybody interested in quizzing, starting from the age of eight years is eligible to join this club. Far removed from the monotonous, the quiz that they conduct is well-researched and interesting. Each week a quiz session is organized by two quiz masters who take up the job on a voluntary basis. The members of this club also visit schools and other institutions to conduct quiz programs. You can become a member by paying Rs. 100 (employed) or Rs. 50 (students) as annual fee. They meet once a week at YMCA, Secunderabad.

Ajay’s update –
The quizzes are walk-ins and you don’t have to pay to participate. Also, some of the members personally sponsor prizes in order to encourage the culture. Saturday meets are at 4.30PM IST :).
Hyderabad Toastmasters
Tel � 09393002396 (Salil Ganeriwal)

If you are looking to master your public speaking skills, then join Hyderabad Toastmasters. Over here, you can learn and practice to speak effectively. Their meets happen twice a month on every second and fourth Sunday at 11 AM and each meeting gives everyone an opportunity to practice how to conduct meetings and give speeches even if these are impromptu. In order to become a member, all you need to do is attend two meetings to get a first-hand feel and then enroll by paying Rs. 100. For the first six months the fee is Rs. 2,900 and subsequently it becomes Rs. 1,900 for every six months. They meet at VMRG Media School, Venkata Ramana Colony, Khairatabad in Hyderabad.
Moving Images
Tel � 09849655363 (Aparajita Sinha), 09849160105 (Ram Kiran)

The idea of this film club was mooted to promote meaningful global cinema with strong social themes among people. Set up in August 2004, it was inaugurated by poet and film maker Gulzar and has about 300 members from various literary and artistic backgrounds.
A film lover�s club, it organizes screenings of two films (classics, documentaries and award-winners) a month at different locations (that�s why the name Moving Images) and its uniqueness lies in the fact that they invite eminent film personalities to introduce their films and interact with the members. Girish Karnad, Goutam Ghose, Javed Akhtar, Jaya Bachchan and Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra are some of the noted film personalities who have visited it. You can become a member of this club by paying Rs. 1,000 (single) and Rs. 1,500 (couple) per annum.
Bird Watcher�s Society
Tel � 09393319333 (Susheel Kapadia)

Spotting species of birds is quite an art and if you wish to turn it into a vocation, Bird Watcher�s Society of Andhra Pradesh (BSAP) is the right place to be in. Formed in 1980 by a group of amateur ornithologists, it aims to promote bird watching and create awareness about nature. BSAP members meet once a month for outings on a Sunday and visit the wilderness in and around Hyderabad to watch birds. Spotting the numerous and colorful birds (even those endangered) is what they gain utmost pleasure from. They also organize three to four day camps at natural bird habitats for members twice or thrice a year. BSAP membership is open to all. Interested individuals can register by paying Rs. 100 apart from an annual membership fee of Rs. 200. BSAP also churns out a monthly journal called ‘Pitta’.
Hyderabad Film Club
Tel � 09391020243 (Prakash Reddy)

This voluntary organization had its genesis in the year 1974 with an objective of creating a movement in Hyderabad for a better understanding and appreciation of cinema. Banking upon foreign embassies and consulates in its pursuit to show global cinema to the common man, it does 6-7 screenings of classics, documentaries or award-winning films per month at Sarathi Studio in Ameerpet. The screening is done in the evenings from 6.30 PM onwards. Anybody above 18 years of age can join the club. Half-yearly membership fee is Rs. 500 (single) and Rs. 600 (couple). They also offer life membership for a sum of Rs. 4,000.
Hyderabad Photography Club
Tel � 09989099123 (Kishore Nagarigari)

Got a camera and wondering where to start from? Digital camera revolutionized and brought photography to common man. It opened lots of opportunities to experiment and learn without headache of post processing. Life is lot easier to people who want to click.

Want to meet people with similar interest and passion? Hyderabad Photography Club (HPC) is the right place to be in. Formed in 2006 on Flickr by a group of amateur photographers, it aims to promote photography and help people learn, share experiences. HPC members meet once a month for outings and visit the interesting places in and around Hyderabad to capture life in still. They also organize three to four day trips to locations for members twice or thrice a year. HPC membership is open to all. There is no joining fee as such and it�s free.

Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh (ACAP)
Tel � 09849270575 (Ranga Rao)

If you are daring and activities like rock climbing, exploring caves, mountain biking and kayaking excite you, call on Adventure Club of Andhra Pradesh (ACAP). This is an autonomous body established in the year 1991 solely to promote adventure activities in the state. Other things that you can enjoy through ACAP include hiking, rafting, wilderness survival and outdoor adventure education. Every year ACAP organizes a mountaineering expedition to the Himalayas and a rafting expedition in Ganges. The club gives membership only to highly experienced people (in adventure sports) who are also inducted in their governing council. However, those interested in participating in these programs can become mailing members by forwarding their basic details and interests to this e-mail id � [email protected].
Dramatic Circle of Hyderabad
Tel – 09848025000 (Pranav Singhal),( 09848030526) Vijay Marur

Interested in theater and want to showcase your talent? Join Dramatic Circle. Set up in the year 1964, this is the oldest amateur theater group that has generated 100-odd plays. A non-profit organization, it basically acts as a forum for people who love theater. Some of the plays they have done include The Odd Couple, Bed Full of Foreigners and The Merchant of Venice. Anybody in the age group of 16-75 years can join this group by paying Rs. 16. Members meet at their houses by rotation only when they are doing a production (two per year). Those interested can e-mail Pranav Singhal at [email protected]

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    Excellent compilation of activity clubs! I would love to add to this, The Camera Club of Hyderabad (TheCCH) having around 500 members and are very active among photography enthusiasts. The entry is free but moderated. There are free workshops/classwork classes on photography held every month.. There is also Fieldwork or hands-on exercise on weekends for photographers to refresh their skills.. A great place for leaning photography. The link to TheCCH is http://www.flickr.com/groups/thecch/

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